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Ribbon Organizer

KB11 Ribbon set (1 spooler, 11 dispensers, 1 pk dd and FREE zippered tote
Our Price:  $31.00  
Sale Price:  $30.00  
KB17 Ribbon Organizer (Spooler, 17 disp, 12 dd & & FREE Organizer Zippered bag)
Our Price:  $59.99  
Sale Price:  $45.00  
K26.1.1- Ribbon Organizer - (26d,1sp,1pkdd)
Our Price:  $71.00  
Sale Price:  $64.00  
Divider Disc 1 pack of 12 by Best Craft Organizer
Our Price:  $4.00  
Sale Price:  $3.50  
K5 - Ribbon Organizer
Our Price:  $20.00  
Sale Price:  $18.00  
K6 (6 dispensers only) Ribbon Organizer
Our Price:  $15.00  
Sale Price:  $12.50  
KB12 - Ribbon Organizer (1 spooler, 12 dispensers, 1 pk dd and FREE zippered tote by Best Craft Organizer
Our Price:  $35.00  
Sale Price:  $30.00  
Organizer Bag / Tote
Our Price:  $12.99  
Sale Price:  $5.00  
Ribbon Spooler by Best Craft Organizer
Our Price:  $8.00  
Sale Price:  $7.50  
Storage Tray (single) for dispensers
Our Price:  $4.00  
Sale Price:  $3.50  
Dispenser (extra singles) Best Craft Organizer
Price as Low as: $1.70
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Spool & Store Ribbon Organizing System.
Ribbon Spooler Tool and Storage Dispensers

With the spooler tool you can spool approx 3-5 yards of ribbon into a neat spool to store it in the ribbon dispenser. Each dispenser has 6 spaces for 6/8th" or less width ribbon. The dispenser is made so you can pull out the ribbon you need kinda like a tape dispenser. It keeps your ribbons clean, untangled and ready to use. There are built in dividers in the dispenser to seperate the dispenser into 6 compartments. Each dispenser compartment will hold any combination of ribbon widths up to 6/8" max. Use the narrow ribbon divider disk to seperate narrow ribbons in one compartment so they do not pull on each other and try to unroll. Scrapbooking has generally used 3/4" inch or less width ribbon as a standard in scrapbook, however the craft industry has a vwider variety of sizes and finishes on ribbonsand can vary from 1/16" to several inches in width. Be Aware not all ribbons that are marked 1/4", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" are always "TRUE" in size. One of my favorites (Eyelet Outlet, shared with me that all her ribbon was supposed to be made 6/8" to match the eyelets but that sometimes manufactors measurement can vary.)  At this time there are no plans to make a dispenser mold for wider ribbons. You can spool up wider ribbons using the spooler tool, just use a glue dot to keep the spool tight and ready to use. I like to store my larger ribbons in a cute jar, basket or zip close baggie. Often is I am spooling wider ribbons I use a trimmed down drinking straw (a clean one from McD’s) on ½ of the center spindle and one on the guide. I am then able to spool it neatly.


HOW TO: 1-Take your the end of your ribbon and slip it into the slot in the wheel of the Ribbon Spooler. (Make sure you have already placed the spooling disk in place on the wheel.) 2-Place your index finger on the end of the spool wheel and your thumb on the handle, over top the ribbon end, to create tension. 3-Now begin turning the handle to wind up your ribbon. 4-Once you have completely wound your ribbon carefully remove the ribbon by removing the spooling disk from the spool wheel. 5-Now you are ready to insert the wound ribbon into one of the compartments of your Ribbon Dispenser. Be sure to leave a tail out to allow you to pull and dispense the length of ribbon you desire.

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